Virtual Vendor and Demo Application

You’re a major part of the world of makers and knitters. Your presence will help make Knit+Escape Virtual Weekend a magical event.

The Knit + Escape experience prides itself on community. At the very heart of our events, we are friends taking a journey together, exploring our craft, and raising each other up to be the best knitters, crocheters, designers, and fiber artists we can be! We are committed to creating exciting events and building memorable experiences that inspire ALL makers.

Want to be part of what makes Knit + Escape so unique? Apply to become an Exclusive Virtual Vendor or Demonstrator at our next event in September, 2021!

Benefits include:

  • An all-inclusive cost ($185 USD for vendors, $50-$100 for demonstrations)
  • NO application fee
  • NO competing vending sessions
  • Opportunities for both demonstrations and “vendor hour” sessions, giving our community a chance to see exactly what makes your brand unique
  • The chance to vend directly to our community of fiber enthusiasts
  • Be at the forefront of our BEST attended events

Why Include a Demo Session?

Knit + Escape events typically include more than 50 demonstrations from artists, creators, and designers alike, and a very large percentage of our demonstrators are also Virtual Vendors. Our participants love having a front row seat to all the effort and skill that goes into your gorgeous creations, and putting a face to the maker is a powerful marketing tool. 

During your Demo Session, you’ll have either a half hour OR full hour with our participants, with opportunities to:

  • show us your process
  • answer questions
  • tell our participants a little about yourself
  • preview upcoming creations for sale, and more

Knit + Escape offers a training session for all demo presenters. Within this session, we offer an overview on how to use Zoom, and how to set up your camera. Available sessions:

30 Minute Demo
1 Hour Demo

Early Access Option

At past shows, many of our vendors have created a special colorway or exclusive item for Knit + Escape that they sell to our participants. It’s always a good idea to feature items in tune with the show theme, and some vendors have even produced colors around Kristy Glass or Louise, her adorable pet. Many of our participants have requested early access to purchase show specials and avoid the rush as show specials SELL OUT FAST. 

Wednesday, the day before Knit + Escape officially begins, we are offering 30 minute exclusive Vending Sessions for Knit + Escape participants who purchase an Early Access Pass. These participants are eager to purchase exclusive show colorways and products. All sessions are scheduled using Knit + Escape Zoom accounts, and are moderated and recorded.  There are a limited number of Early Access Vending Sessions available, so act quickly to claim your spot!

Why Sponsor Our Event?

Knit + Escape offers three levels of sponsorship. Why are these important? They help keep our prices competitive for you as a vendor. Many of you may have heard that the sales they get from vending at Knit + Escape are pretty incredible, and our goal is to continue offering events that are affordable to new up and coming makers. A sponsorship gives you continued access to our participants leading up to, throughout, and in the days following the event. Social media support is what sets Knit + Escape apart from every other event in the industry, and gives you access to Kristy Glass Knits 37,000+ loyal followers on Instagram and 32,000+ on YouTube,

Hosted on Zoom Webinar Platform

Three channels of programming will be offered to K+E participants:

Channel 1: Events: Demos, Trivia Giveaways and Knit Night

Channel 2: Instruction for paid participants

Channel 3: Vendor Marketplace

Marketplace Hours

Wednesday knit night 7PM, introduction to vendors, events and instruction – all vendors are invited.
Marketplace hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am–7:00 pm EST.

Marketplace Vendor & Demo Application

We’re so excited you’ve decided to take part in Knit + Escape! If you’re interested in becoming a vendor or demonstrator (or both!), please complete the form below. Please note, submission of this application is not a guarantee of a session. All applications will be reviewed and if approved, you will be invited to complete a supplementary form where you’ll be able to give us all necessary details for your sessions and payment.