Become a Virtual Vendor

You’re a major part of the world of makers and knitters. Your presence will help make Knit + Escape Virtual Weekend a magical event.

Knit + Escape is a company committed to creating exciting events and building memorable experiences that inspire ALL makers. Created by Kristy Glass and Eve Ashworth, Knit + Escape is offering our next virtual event on April 8-10, 2021. We want you to be a part of the excitement by sponsoring, vending, and attending Knit + Escape events. The cost of vending at Knit +Escape virtual is $185, there is no application fee and no competing vending sessions. Most vendors report that K+E virtual are the best attended session they have ever experienced at a virtual event. All vendors must donate a giveaway prize.

Hosted on Zoom Webinar Platform

Three channels of programming will be offered to K+E participants:

Channel 1: Events: Demos, product giveaway and knit nights (all vendors are able to participate in live demos and knit nights)

Channel 2: Instruction for paid participants

Channel 3: Marketplace

Marketplace Hours

Thursday night knit night 7PM, introduction to vendors, events and instruction – all vendors are invited.
Marketplace hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am–7:00 pm EST.

Marketplace Vendor & Demo Application