Occupancy: Double
Location: Tower Cottages

This double occupancy cottage has two king suites and a lounge area that will be shared. If you would like to find roommates, please check out our Ravelry group. If you have a roommate to share your suite please purchase one suite and contact us to add your roommate. 


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Our sci-fi nerd owners built this cottage to explore their theory: was Galileo Galilei, the Father of Modern Astronomy, Physics, and the Scientific Method actually a pupil of greater minds who were part of a grand plan to help civilize planet earth? We will never know, but the idea sparked the inspiration for creating a multi-dimensional design experience where you go from the Renaissance and the time of Galileo on the first level and up a towering spiral staircase through an illuminated portal into an alien galaxy on the second level, and then back up the spiral staircase into an octagonal stargazing glass observation deck (complete with telescope). All the while guarded on high by exterior statues of the four alien “teachers” of Galileo.

And lest you miss the multiple wall switches, be sure to explore the three levels of the multi-dimensional world of the upstairs alien galaxy bedroom: 1) the galaxy in full light, 2) the galaxy in the dark, and 3) the galaxy in black light. Other features of this, one of our more abstract cottage creations, include:

  • Two king suites, each with their own privately-accessed bathroom. One bathroom with a tub and shower and one bathroom with a large walk-in shower (with a glow-in-the-dark alien in it…).
  • Glass octagonal rooftop stargazing observation conservatory
  • Uncommonly elegant wood-paneled living area with comfy sitting area. This area also has its own door into the downstairs bathroom enabling guests in the downstairs bedroom and living area to have separate private entrances to the downstairs bathroom.
  • Meadow, forest, and mountain views
  • Refreshment station with full-size refrigerator, microwave and wet bar sink

This is a double occupancy cottage on the grounds of our Stratton Falls location. You will enjoy an entire suite to yourself, the lounge and kitchen area will be shared. If you would like to add a guest to your room the price is $1,200 for an additional retreat participant.

Retreat Price Includes: 

  • Kristy Glass and three experienced knitting instructors on hand to answer all your knitting questions for the entire retreat
  • Three nights of gloriously amazing accommodation (beware, everyone will want to check out your room)
  • Two chock-a-block days of knitting classes, activities, markets and fun
  • Fresh, local, farm-to-table catered meals from local chefs for lunch and dinner
  • Three continental breakfasts 
  • Catered bowling party
  • Train ride through the Catskill Mountains 
  • Exclusive shopping throughout the entire retreat
  • Saturday night dance and monochromatic party
  • Trivia night 
  • Loads of swag

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