Occupancy: Quadruple
Location: The Digs Cottage

This quadruple occupancy room will be shared. If you would like to find roommates, please check out our Ravelry group. If you have roommates, add 2, 3 or 4 to your cart!


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Pop on that brown fedora, don that distressed leather bomber jacket, put that bullwhip in your hand and enter the world of The Archaeologist’s Digs – the ultimate experience at our Roxbury Motel location Its own stand-alone cottage with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and bar area, full gourmet kitchen, outdoor shower, large outdoor deck with two dining tables, hidden treasures and maps, secret passageways, fulfilled prophecies, Gods, libraries, idols, reptile skins, surround-sound television, ancient curses, leather, hieroglyphics, bullwhips, solid gold, fire features.

Picture yourself knitting among relics of past civilizations: Mayans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Micronesians, Indians, Romans, Spartans, Arabians, Aztecs, Siamese, Trojans, Crusaders, kings, queens, torches, babbling brooks, relics, and the ability to take a shower next to saltwater fish that are protecting Cleopatra’s long lost underwater tomb (yes, we just said Cleopatra and underwater tomb in the same sentence). That is all part of The Digs and there is still so much more…We like to think that all of those civilizations would have appreciated a nicely knit sweater or shawl for relaxation purposes.

Filmed for television by The Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet network, The Digs is perfect for a group of four. Two of The Digs bedrooms have king size beds) and the third bedroom is the Mayan Temple bedroom which has an extra-long full size Murphy bed that pulls out of the wall. This is a quad occupancy suite that will be shared. The perfect room for your knitting group. If you would like to find roommates, please check out our Ravelry group.

Retreat Price Includes: 

  • Kristy Glass and three experienced knitting instructors on hand to answer all your knitting questions for the entire retreat
  • Three nights of gloriously amazing accommodation (beware, everyone will want to check out your room)
  • Two chock-a-block days of knitting classes, activities, markets and fun
  • Fresh, local, farm-to-table catered meals from local chefs for lunch and dinner
  • Three continental breakfasts 
  • Catered bowling party
  • Train ride through the Catskill Mountains 
  • Exclusive shopping throughout the entire retreat
  • Saturday night dance and monochromatic party
  • Trivia night 
  • Loads of swag

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